Sunday, August 24, 2014

 Welcome to our library as we begin a brand-new school year!

Library Procedures:
Be nice!
Be neat!
Use soft voices and walking feet!
Find great books to check out
and READ them!


... Obert Skye, author of the "Leven Thumps" series and the soon-to-be-released _Katfish_

Obert Skye created the outstanding fantasy series about "Leven Thumps." A second series, "Beyond Foo," continues the adventures of those well-loved characters. Mr. Skye has written an exciting trilogy about dragons: _Pillage_ , _Choke_ and _Ambush_. Those three books are now available in one volume: _The Pillagy_. Our students are loving Mr. Skye's zany series "The Creature from My Closet" which began with _Wonkenstein_ , and continued with _Potterwookiee_ and _Pinocula_. They are anxiously awaiting the publication of Book 4, _Katfish_, on September 2. Be sure to look at our online website scrapbook for photos of Mr. Skye's visits, and click on the icon below to view highlights of his presentation. 

When he visited our school, Mr. Skye presented a key to Mrs. Zorn, which you will see her wearing often.  He asked the students to remember that Mrs. Zorn has "the key" to helping you follow all of your dreams by helping you find wonderful books in our library.  

Books and reading and learning are magical for Mr. Skye and Mrs. Zorn, and we hope they are for you, too.

Please remember to ask me to help you find the books to help you follow your dreams!

Have a great school year!  

YOU have the key to making your year wonderful!

Remember that our students are responsible for their own learning, and that includes
 knowing when to ask for help!

 I am here to help you in any way I can.
September 15: International Dot Day
At Shady Oaks, we will celebrate on Friday, Sep 12.
Wear your TBA t-shirt or polka dots!

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