Sunday, April 13, 2014

Have you enjoyed the Emily Windsnap series?

Author Liz Kessler lists her 10 favorite things about her fascinating character in this article:

Be sure to visit the author's website, too:


Treasures unburied from a 42-year collection of teaching materials!

Just in time for the special weeks ahead, I have finally located this set of Peter Rabbit finger puppets which I created many years ago.  I still have the patterns if anyone would like to borrow them.  About 30 years ago, my Monroe, New Hampshire kindergarten class, assisted by a terrific music teacher, performed for their "graduation"  "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," adapted by L. E. Watters, it says on my handwritten copy of the script, which I also finally found.  

My googling could not turn up more information on this adaptation, but if someone can share that I would appreciate it.  I turned the play into a Readers' Theater script with songs and would be happy to share that, too.  I will keep hunting for photos of that adorable performance and may be able to add them soon.

I've not often used Beatrix Potter books for storytime because of the tiny illustrations  A few years ago I did powerpoints of two favorites: _Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle_ and _Jemima Puddleduck_ and those were fun to present, but the joy of using the document camera to share _Peter Rabbit_ with our wonderful Pre-K students on Friday was tremendous!

Here is another springtime favorite:


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Congratulations to Kate DiCamillo, the new Ambassador for Young People's Literature!

The February issue of "School Library Journal" has an interview with Kate DiCamillo, who has been recently named to this position, following in the footsteps of Jon Scieszka, Katherine Paterson, and Walter Dean Myers.

I loved her response to the question,  "Any advice for teachers or parents to create that environment, the same one that you were in, that made you a reader?"

Kate: "Well, I have a couple of things just based on how I was raised.  Books were everywhere.  And sometimes it's not financially viable, but you can still get to the library.  And then the other thing is my mother read for her own pleasure. And reading was never something that she said I had to do.  I worry when people insist that kids have to do it.  I would want it to be this great gift that you give yourself and not something that is a duty."